About Us

Our Mission

Distribute the most beautiful, eloquent, and truly authentic Indian jewelry for the most competitive prices on the market.


Our Story

Our family consists of 1st-generation immigrants from India who's long-term goal was to create a better life for themselves in the United States. For years, we've been working on building a business to support ourselves and our community; finally we are proud to launch our business: Nitsy Jewelers.


What you can expect

As we are new to the jewelry industry, we strive to be the one stop shop you need to go to for all of your Indian jewelry needs. We sell the latest, handpicked, and mesmerizing, diamond, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry designs from all over India, with a primary focus from South India. Our jewelry is made with the highest quality materials using natural stones as opposed to cheap lab-created ones. Our goal is to not only provide you the highest grade, authentic Indian jewelry, but also to create the best customer service experience compared to all other jewelers. You can count on us to treat all of our customers to the same grade of jewelry we sell.

We are always flexible and open to suggestions, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.